Nutrient neutrality is the outcome achieved when a particular land use or a specific development, within catchment areas of vulnerable watercourses, does not result in an increase in phosphate and nitrate levels in those watercourses beyond current levels. Excess phosphates and nitrates contribute to the growth of algal blooms, leading to eutrophication, which causes oxygen levels for fish and other aquatic life to be reduced significantly.

In March 2022 Natural England delivered Nutrient Neutrality Notifications to a number of local planning authorities, including throughout Cumbria and the North of England, stating that further development in these areas has the potential to cause further adverse affects to Habitat sites. As such all development proposals which include a potential increase in nutrient loading are required to provide Nutrient Neutrality Mitigation Strategies.

At A L Daines & Partners LLP, we have extensive experience in providing these strategies – along with Habitat Regulations Assessments – for clients involved in both commercial and residential projects. If you have any queries regarding nutrient neutrality or would like to discuss a specific project, one of our engineers will be happy to talk you through the above requirements.