Hand-in-hand with our Structural Engineer arm, we also offer the full range of services from design to project management of Civil Engineering schemes. These may range from the development of roads and drainage for housing schemes to bridge design and marine works.

Our experience in highway and pavement design covers the whole gamut of requirements from minor estate roads to heavily trafficked industrial parks and large concrete paved areas for storage purposes or aircraft aprons. Our Civil 3D software package allows us to readily produce sections and quantities enabling efficient balancing for cut-and-fill schemes.

Many highway designs require structures for passing over, or under, other features – be it roads or rivers. We are therefore regularly involved in the design and detailing of structures ranging from culverts to footbridges to highway bridges. We also offer an assessment service for existing structures whether masonry arch bridges or modern steel and concrete.

Drainage design, often considered to be of minor significance, should not be underestimated. With climate change and flooding a regular occurrence, considerable effort is placed on satisfying regulatory body requirements. This may involve adopting a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (eg swales, attenuation, percolation) in order to control surface water run-off. Again our drainage software is an invaluable tool in the design cabinet.